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    Motivate with Group Fitness

    SLM’s fitness initiatives are led by our team of highly qualified fitness professionals who work in our corporate gyms – all of whom are Cert 3 qualified and tertiary degree qualified. We deliver fitness solutions to your workplace or to a local park/sporting venue near your offices. Initiatives include: 10,000 steps challenge (exclusive competition) 12-week challenge Competitive fitness events Deskercise Fitness assessments Functional fitness program Personal training Team sport challenges The Amazing Fitness Race Workplace group exercise classes Yoga Pilates Circuit Tabata Cardio boxing Gym Management On-site fitness facility management Professional consultancy services – facility design

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    Re-energise at your Workstation

    Enjoy an energising and inspiring fitness mini-break led by the SLM Fitness Team. During each session your staff and clients will learn a variety of exercises that can be done on a regular basis while at work or at home. All participants will receive an Exercise Instruction Card which is theirs to keep at the conclusion of the session and as a reminder of what they have learned. Sessions are 20 minutes in duration and accommodate five to 15 employees at a time (multiple sessions can be held throughout the day to accommodate larger groups). Deskercise can be tailored to…

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    Interactive seminars at your workplace

    SLM health seminars and webinars are designed to impart knowledge and life skills to your staff over a one-hour period. Each seminar topic provides the latest in health research so you know your staff are getting up to the minute information. Our presenters are accredited professionals and understand first-hand their topic area through experience on multiple levels. Designed to improve each staff member’s quality of life our seminars and webinars provide interactive experiences with opportunities for taste testing, question time and further consultation, should the individual wish to explore topics further on a personal basis. Each participant will also receive…

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    Health Expos – the Benefits

    Health Expos provide numerous benefits to management including: Ability to deliver a variety of pertinent health and lifestyle information at one time Ability to deliver relevant information to a large audience simultaneously 100% penetration to all staff on-site Minimum disruption to work schedule Facilitate personal consultations for staff with professional consultants and specialists on-site Soliciting informal feedback on staff interests and personal preferences for health and wellbeing activities Assessing the interest in each activity for the opportunity to develop a long-term health program encompassing these and other areas. Health Expos provide a showcase from which divergent health initiatives can be…

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    Corporate Massage The Benefits

    Pain, stress and tension in the musculoskeletal system can be alleviated by massage, making this service extremely popular with employees. It provides the opportunity to relax and relieve tension while in the office. The seated massage package is favoured by our clients when time and space is of the essence. It is the perfect way to a lot of people in a short space of time without the need for individual scheduling or room bookings. Massages can be conducted on massage tables or chairs to ensure employees receive a break from their desk. Desk massage is also available with our…

Simply Better - Health Magazine Articles


Back to Basics

There’s probably not a person among us who has not had a sore back at some stage in their lives. whether from an injury, muscle strain, spasm, arthritis, osteoporosis, ligament damage, inflammation, sciatica or simply tension, back pain is an all-too-real fact of life for many of us. According to the medical journal of Australia, around 80 per cent of Australians have suffered from back pain at some time, and for 10 per cent, it is a chronic problem. back pain is a major part of the estimated $30 billion a year in lost productivity in Australia due to illness and…


Building Better Bones

If our skeletons could order up some reinforcements, they would probably start thinking about it when we reach our mid-30s. That’s when our bones slowly begin to weaken, after reaching their strongest point, known as ‘peak bone mass’ between the ages of 20 and 30. While we may not be able to summon extra bones at will, it is possible to reinforce the bones we have by using a combination of good eating and appropriate exercise, so they remain healthy and strong for life. The human adult body contains 206 bones and every one of them is important. Bones provide…


Master Your Metabolism

What is metabolism? Can it be ‘boosted’ to lose weight? What does that really mean? Metabolism is a complex process, but if you understand how it works, you can increase your metabolic rate to use kilojoules more quickly and efficiently, keep your weight under control and your body functioning at its optimum level. Healthy bodies make for happier spirits, sharper minds and more productive employees! Metabolism is the name we give to the body’s processing of energy. It is controlled by our hormones and central nervous system. Every time we eat, our body undergoes a series of chemical processes. It…

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Health assessments

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10,000 steps challenge

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